Math and Video Games via Twitch

I stream video games on Twitch while answering homework questions, or really any math related questions. You can find me at https://www.twitch.tv/profslivken on Thursday from 9pm. You don't have to be in my class to ask a question.

After school math program

While a postdoc at UC Davis, I started an after school math program at Harmon Johnson Elementary School in the Twin Rivers Unified School District of Sacramento. Each year over 20 kids from 4th, 5th, and 6th grade would participate in the biweekly after school math club. Volunteers from the undergraduate and graduate program at UC Davis helped with both lesson planning and working with the kids in small groups. Some example lessons created by the volunteers and I are below. The partnership between Twin Rivers Unified and UC Davis lives on with M-PACT, run by Elena Fuchs from UC Davis.

Local Coordinator:

  • Sarah Stepanski

Volunteers from UC Davis:

  • Treena Balds, Kris Anaya, Chase Sariaslani, Claudia Adrianzen, Sarah Moon, Kyle Woolsey, Federico Castillo, Evan Smothers, Samuel Regan.

Selected Lessons:

  • Colorings (w/ Chase Sariaslani)

  • Infinity (w/ Chase Sariaslani)

  • Sequences (w/ Chase Sariaslani)

  • PIZZA PARTY MYSTERY GAME (w/ Samuel Regan). The kids each take on a character dossier and work together to solve the mystery of who poisoned Reginald Crumpet. Some characters can be added or removed depending on class size without effecting the mystery. A great end of the year party to celebrate all the fun math done during math circle.